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조권 A Day

조권 a Day
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Jo Kwon a Day
Welcome to Jo Kwon a Day!
A community dedicated to Jo Kwon of 2 AM.
You'll find pics and gifs of JoKwon posted at least once a day.

조권 (Jo Kwon)
Group : 2AM
Position : Leader
Debut : "이노래 (This Song)", 2008
Company : JYP Entertainment

Birthday : August 28, 1989
Nickname : 조발랭 (Joballaeng), 권똘(Kwonttol), 깝권(KkapKwon), 핫권(Hot Kwon)
와권 (WaKwon), 샵양조권 등 (SyapyangJoKwon Dung)
Blood Type : A
Height : 173cm
Weight : 55kg

Hobbies : Listening to music, watching movies, internet surfing, singing
Skills : Singing, Dancing, Speaking Japanese
Ideal Match : A woman who's understanding and has a sense of humor, Cute

Favorite Actor/Actress : Choi JinShil
Favorite Musician : Park JinYoung (JYP), Rain, Im JungHee, Usher, Beyonce

Cyworld : http://www.cyworld.com/jypboykwon
Fan Cafe : 星愛一人
Fan Page : 우리 권이

Credits and original source : Naver & 우리 권이
Translated by : apumpkinkiss

love2ad : 2AM/2PM
wooaday : Daily dose of Jang WooYoung

*under construction*
2am, jokwon, jyp, oneday, 권똘, 깝권, 발랭이, 샵양조권, 와권, 조권, 핫권